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Every night I watch the news and every night my wife listens to me whine and complain about the laws, policies and other governmental foolishness. We claim to be the richest country in the world yet we have a high percentage of citizens living below poverty level. We have some of the best colleges & technical schools and the high school dropout rate is staggering. What are we doing wrong?



  The U.S. Constitution


My List of Things I Would Change ...
Making every vote count by eliminating delegates & the electorial college
Open the elections to multiple days to vote and online voting
National Health Insurance
Being born in United State shouldn't automatically make you a citizen
Regionalized the primary elections to specific dates
Eliminate requirements to choose a political party
Eliminate the IRS with a Federal Sales Tax ... and no exemptions
Change the drinking age to 18
Reinstate the 2-year draft but don't make it required to be military
Free higher level education for every citizen
Legalize marajuna ... and tax it
Don't let Congress attach 'pork' to any legislation
Buy USA only
No CEO should make more than 3 times their highest paid worker
National sports players make too much money
Oil should be used as a lubricant, not as a fuel

The U.S. Constitution


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